Know how


50 years of experience and practice on the main industrial site. Conception and completion of on-site thermal opérations :

  • Drying out of refractory linings
  • Holding in temperature
  • Pre-heating et drain of glass furnaces

Design and fabrication of combustion equipment :

  • Mobile heating station
  • Hot air extracting system


THERM-IC and SECATHERM UK offer tailor-made thermal solutions integrating the best quality components in its design (Dungs, Kromschreoder, Eurotherm)
THERM-IC and SECATHERM UK offer high performance on site services based upon :

  • Highly trained and experienced site supervisors
  • A technical department delivering meticulous design for its combustion systems and an accurate preparation of field work
  • A watchful and rigourous administrative department
  • Functional and performing offices and worshops