Warm-up/Preheat Initial preheat of a glass furnace
High Velocity Burner Excess air gas burner (natural, propane, coke oven gas, fuel gas, gasoil) which promotes good temperature uniformity throughout the structure and close control of the rise over a range from ambiant to takeover (50° – 1200° C).
(thermal) Insulation Insulating blanket applied outside the structure
Forced convection heating Convection heating consists of heating the surrounding air and maintaining it at the required temperature. The hot air produced by a generator ismixed to the ambient air which in turn heats the elements to be treated.
Cocoon Exterior insulation of a large hollow piece to be treated by interior controlled heating
Codap Construction rules for pressure vessels not exposed to flames
Codeti Industrial rules for the construction of pipework
Residual stresses Permanent internal stresses after stress relief applied to a mechanical structure
Expansion control Action consisting of supervision and adjustment of binding steelwork (tiebars and pushbolts) of a glass furnace to control the thermal expansion
Control of hardness Non-destructive test to determine the hardness of the piece
Glass furnace draining Operation consisting of emptying the molten glass from a furnace. The draining may be partial or total
Temperature curve Instruction concerning the temperature to be followed or the result of a thermal operation
Thermal cycle Temperature cycle to follow to execute the heat treatment of a unit
Degassing Operation consisting of eliminating dissolved hydrogen from a piece
Furnace cooldown Glass furnace stoppage with cooldown
Stress relieving Heat treatment of a metal to eliminate physical stresses acquired in previous operations (welding, machining, forge, etc.).
Regenerator maintenance Operation attempting to eliminate sulfate or other deposits in the packings of glass furnace regenerators
Curing Operation consisting of heating a fresh refractory lining to accelerate hardening
Feeders Canal that distributes molten glass at the exit from the melter
Float glass Flat glass obtained by floating on a bath of molten tin
Horeshoe/endfired furnace Glass furnace equiped with regenerators with alternate firing from each
Float furnace Furnace making flat glass by floating it on a molten tin bath
Sintering Hardening by drying out of refractory materials apllied in liquid phase
Refractory installer Person charged with the construction or maintenance of the refractory elements of a furnace or a chimney
Refractory installation Industrial activity charged with the construction or the maintenance of the refractory elements of a furnace or chimney
Steam generator Equipment in a nuclear power station for the production of steam
Ladle heating/maintaining Operation consisting of maintaining in temperature a foundry ladle
Holding in temperature Operation consisting of maintaining a steady temperature in an industrial installation
MASE Health and safety management
Post-heating Operation consisting of maintaining in temperature a piece after welding
Preheating Operation consisting of raising the temperature of a piece before welding to improve the quality of the weld
PWHT Abreviation for Post Weld Heat Treatment (corresponds to French TTAS)
Tempering Heat treatment to eliminate stresses created by quenching
Drying-out Operation consisting of eliminating water contained in a refractory material
Refractory lining dryout Operation consisting of eliminating water contained in a refractory material
Welding/weld Operation consisting of joining two pieces by melting their matter with or without adding further metal
Thermal heating station Equipment designed to control a burner
Thermocouple Instrument used to measure a temperature by creation of a (small) electric current
Heat treatment Operation by modification of the temperature which modifies the metallographic structure of the piece
Heat treatment after welding Heat treatment carried out to eliminate the internal stresses of a piece caused by welding
Post weld heat treatment Heat treatment process to eliminate internal stresses of a piece after welding
PWHT Abreviation for Post Weld Heat Treatment usually to stress relieve a piece
HT Heat treatment